Sian gave a talk about Count-Less in NDSS 2023, San Diego, CA.

2023.03.05 Written by 관리자 Views 394

NDSS 2023 (27 of Feb – 3 of March, 2023) was held at Catamaran hotel in San Diego, CA.

San Diego international airport T2

NDSS welcoming board

We (Sian, Jiyoo, and me) attended the conference. The welcoming board stood in the hotel lobby.

Lunch in the Mission beach with Jiyoo, me, Heekuk Oh (Hanyang Erica), SungHyun Cho (Hanyang Erica), Suel Son (KAIST).

JaeJong invited us a dinner in a sushi restaurant (Mizu). Unlike the name, the restaurant serves various Korean cuisine, which was very good. Thank you JaeJong!

Sian is giving a talk on Count-Less (A robust counting sketch for data plane intrusion detection).

After the talk, three of us took a walk to the Pacific beach pier.

We had a dinner in a ramen restaurant nearby, and I took a photo of sunset.