RhongHo joins Wayne State University!

2020.05.01 Written by 관리자 Views 339

Update (2020. 9.1): Dr. Jang (Now, Prof. Jang) started his career as an assistant professor at Dept of Computer Science of Wayne State University. The photo is from the dept’s website.

I am very pleased to announce that Dr. RhongHo Jang has got an offer for an assistant professor position from Department of Computer Science of Wayne State University in midtown Detroit, Michigan. He will be joining Wayne State University this Summer. This is another big news in our group following Dr. Mohammed’s joining in Loyola University Chicago and Dr. Tamer’s joining in SKKU in Korea. Rhongho started his research career as an MS student in my lab in September of 2013. He continued his study as a PhD in 2015 and also joined the dual degree program with University of Central Florida in Fall of 2018 under the co-supervision of Prof. David Mohaisen.

Dr. Jang’s main research area include network traffic measurement, sampling theory, network architecture, network/system/mobile security, and deep learning based security. During his PhD study, he published three INFOCOM papers, three ICDCS papers, and one in IEEE TMC. He got the PhD degree from Inha this Spring, and now he is graduating this coming Summer from UCF. He is now commencing a new career as a professor at Wayne State University, and he is expected to make more and better outcomes in the new environment in Michigan.

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