PortCatcher, a scalable and dynamic ACL system for AI-assisted router is accepted in ACM CCS 2022!

2022.08.26 Written by 관리자 Views 782

I am pleased to share that our paper “A Scalable and Dynamic ACL System for In-Network Defense” (named PortCatcher) is accepted in CCS 2022! A big achievement of our research group.

Summary by David: This work addresses the scalability of dynamic ACL systems through an elegant combination of algorithmic optimization and new architectural design that exploits SRAM instead of TCAM for ACL storage. The work is implemented in P4 and this coupling allows us to process packets at the line speed, even for orders of magnitude growth in size of the ACL in contrast to TCAM-based approach.

Congratulations to Changhun Jung, Sian Kim, Rhongho Jang, David Mohaisen, and Me.

More news will come soon. 😉