White Blood Cell classification/generation paper is published in BMC Medical Imaging.

2022.05.21 Written by 관리자 Views 714

Our paper titled “WBC image classification and generative models based on convolutional neural network” is published in BMC Medical Imaging journal.This paper deals with the white blood cell classification and the synthesis of the images. Our AI model based on the simple CNN, called W-Net outperforms the famous AlexNet, VGGNet, and ResNet50/18 by far in terms of accuracy and computation complexity. We explore why this simple architecture works better than those state-of-the-art technologies for WBC classification. Also, it is well-known to be quite difficult to obtain high quality WBC images with labels even for research purporses, and thus, we release the high quality synthesized WBC images generated from real hospital WBC images to aid and expedite research in this area. Check out our paper.

Congratulations to ChangHun, Mohammed, David, KyungJa, and me!